Coaching By Karin

Coaching By Karin

Vision Boards


What exactly is a Vision Board?
It is a collage of images and/or text of things you want to achieve. To bring clarity to things you want or dream of.
So you can and will stay focused during times when you are distracted by daily life etc.
It is a powerful tool and the use is scientifically proven.
What ever you want in life, visualize it and you will achieve it.

According to Deepak Chopra you have to do this to set-up a Vision Board:

- Set an intention and ask yourself:
1) "How will this intention serve me?"
2) "How will it serve everybody I come into contact with?"

"If the answer to both questions can be distilled to true happiness and fulfillment, then you are on the right track." According to Deepak Chopra.

The Benefits are numerous:
- It Brings Clarity to Your Dreams
- It Creates Better Intention
- It Refocus Your Life
- Important for your Creativity
- Motivation Growth
- Makes You Productive
- Focus growth
- Better Chance of Success
- Unleashes Your Inner Potential
- Visualizing makes You Happy
- Visualizing makes You Positive
- Makes You More Determined
- Self-Confidence Gets a Boost
- Acts As a Mental Rehearsal
- Helps with Relaxation
- Improves Your Self-Image
- Grows Your Desire
- Isn't Static, Changes when Your Life Changes
- Show to Family & Friends Your Hopes & Dreams

5 Steps to Living Your Dreams, Written by Deepak Chopra.

Since I moved from the Canary Islands in 2016, because there is hardly/no work to find, I miss living in the Southern part of Europe.
As I always have been a Wanderer, even when I still lived in the Netherlands, I moved many times.
The temperature on the Canary Islands was great. Not too hot in the Summer (although it could be very hot, yet never that long) and nicely warm in the Winter Season.
I still miss this. As a warm climate in the Winter also helps prevent my Winter Depression.
The last three years I lived in a country without a warmer & sunny winter season. And I miss it dearly.
And lately I noticed my depression is coming back. Luckily not yet in the awful form I had it while living in the Netherlands, still it is there.

The last years I applied for jobs in Portugal. I even was offered one this year June, but the salary was too low. Even for Portugal.
I had to decline. And of course sometimes I am still asking myself "shouldn't I have taken it?"
Keep in mind that I am an Expat almost 11 years. I know the work, the salaries, the circumstances, I know the prices for the apartments etc.
I also know, learned it the hard way, that the prices for rent being told by recruiters have to be multiplied by at least 1,5. Mostly 2.

But now I have decided it is time to find a fitting job in Portugal.
For the weather, the culture, food. And the language I hope to learn to speak fast.
Therefore I made 2 Portuguese Vision Boards for myself.
To keep my mind focused and my goals clear.

Click at the Picture to get a Full Size View:



And guess what!?
Friday the 30th of November 2018 I received a great job offer in Porto (Portugal) which I have accepted.
As of January the 7th I will be working in Portugal!

BE SOMEONE who makes YOU happy.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, You are right". Henry Ford