Coaching By Karin

Coaching By Karin

Jon Kabat-Zinn Meditation series 123

(Re)Learn How to Be Joyful and Happy!!!

It is your Right!

With 2019 fast approaching, this is the time of year of reflection for most of us.
What went good this year and what where learning points?
No, I am not saying "what went wrong". As long as you learn from it, it is not bad.

When you want to change a behavior, and not being Joyful & Happy is a learned behavior (at least in my case), you have to do Conscious exercises over and over again.

To learn yourself to be Joyful & Happy (again) or you want to quit other learned behaviors, you need to practice. And practice more. Again practice. Doing it all over again.
Until this new behavior settles in your Subconscious Mind. Yet, you still have to practice so it will become an automatic unconscious behavior.
Which you will do over and over again. Day in, day out, without even noticing it. Because it is settled in you Subconscious Mind forever.

I am not saying it will be easy. But it will be worth the effort in the end!

2018 was for sure not my best year ever, yet I have learned many things this year.
For example that I am able to lead a huge, international, team. Coaching and Leading. And although I loved doing this, I will not give up my norms and values for a company I work for. So I quit.
It wasn't easy. But I survived.

Although I am a Spirited person for a long time already, the last years I started to develop my knowledge about all kinds of Spirituality.
Islam, Christianity. Wicca, Angelic Believe. Ho'oponopono (in my opinion a Spirituality) etc.
Followed several Mindfulness & Spirituality related courses.

And in 2018 I also started to do Yoga. Something I wanted to do for ages already.
And did I LOVE it!

As an Empath I absorb the energy around me. Both positive and negative. Which can cost a lot of energy. My energy.
My Yoga teacher learned me how I will be able to release this negative energy. As she also learned me that I AM worth being who I am.
I never was able to say the words I AM followed with some positive things.
As Yoga is more than only moving your body, she also learned me chanting and I AM affirmations.

It took almost 6 months before I was able to chant or to do the I AM affirmation out loud.
I really had no voice. Trying to do them, my voice left me literally. I not even could whisper.

Besides Yoga & Mindfulness courses I tried to keep a Happiness & Gratefulness Dairy.
Write down every day a small(er) or big(ger) thing I was Grateful for that day.
I made my first Vision Boards (with result!)

And although I still have fall backs, mainly during times like Christmas, New Year & My Birthday, they become shorter in period. At the moment I can not say lesser.
But shorter is good!

My tips to become Happier & (more) Joyful:
- Daily Mindfulness Meditations to Energize or Relax
- Get up early
- Sleep enough
- Be Grateful (Both Small & Big things)
- Celebrate your Gratefulness
- Physical Exercises 10-15 minutes per day at least
- Walk (partly) to work (walking 30 minutes a day is very good for the wellbeing of the brains)
- Yoga
- Ho'oponopono
- Do something nice/worth fully for someone without expecting a pay back
- Reading Motivational Books
My favorites are from Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dr Joe Vitale etc.
- Having a Happiness Jar
- Smile/Laugh. Your mind doesn't know the difference between a fake smile or a real one.
During smiling/laughter, facial muscles affect the cranial blood flow and the temperature of the brain changes. In turn influences the synthesis of endorphins (these are the natural pain killers and feel-good substance) in the brain.

The most important thing is to keep doing above things. Doing them over and over again. To keep yourself Joyful & Happy.
DO what makes you Happy & Joyful.
To be a positive inspiration for the people & world around you.
But most and fore all FOR YOURSELF!

Read Why I Forgot to be Happy & Joyful.

BE SOMEONE who makes YOU happy.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, You are right". Henry Ford