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Coaching By Karin

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Motivation &

How to Keep it!

I think we all know it, yes even coaches have it.
We start with something and we are really convinced that THIS TIME we will manage to achieve our goal.
That this time, we will keep our motivation.

Yet, along the road there are obstacles. Obstacles we'd not calculated.
The first obstacle, no problem. The level of motivation is still high. Thus we manage to pass it by.

Then another obstacle, maybe another. You start to cheat 1 time. Motivation is going down a little.
Another thing happened unexpectedly. Motivation goes down even more. Till none. Cheating another time, and another time.

Till we are back to the same level as before we started.
No motivation. Or even the "I will never succeed" thinking.
De-motivating yourself.

You recognize it? Have you been in this situation?
If so, HOW do you keep your motivation? Even with obstacles on the road?

First of all, DO NOT!!! punish yourself when not being able to achieve your goals.
Our subconscious mind has been programmed for as long as we live, to do things a certain way.
Because you've learned so, due to experience etc. etc.
To learn another habit you have to do it 21 days consciously. Really consciously. Conscious doing it over and over again.
And another 90 days doing it to make it a habit. To get the habit settled in the subconscious mind.

So, how do you keep your motivation?
Use SMART to Achieve your Goals.
S: Specific (State exactly what you want to accomplish)
M: Measurable (Use smaller, mini-goals to measure progress)
A: Achievable (Make your goal reasonable)
R: Realistic (Set a goal that is relevant to your life)
T: Timely (Give yourself time, but set a deadline)
When you have a HUGE step you want to make, divide them into 4 or 5 scalable steps.

You want to lose 30 kg of weight.
We all know this can not be done within 1 month.
But you can lose 4-5 kilograms in 1 month.
Say you are 85 kg.
Start date 1 August.
At the 1 of September the same year, you will weigh 80 kg.
This is a SMART goal. As it is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & timely.
Goal achieved? Set the goal for another 5 kg. Again using SMART.

Find a way of living (diet) that fits you. When you are a vegetarian, don't choose the KETO or Paleo way. As this will not fit you.
Don't do crash diets as it is hard to keep up with them.
Give yourself permission to cheat 1 time a week.
Enjoy this cheating as it is not cheating. You've calculated it in the progress.

For your motivation, it is important that you keep your mind focused on other things.
For example "How to Cook Healthy" or "Doing more Exercises you Like" (go for a walk in nature, yoga etc.)

What has been scientifically proven to keep yourself motivated are the following exercises:
1) Listen to I AM affirmations first thing in the morning. Speak them also out loud. These positive affirmations (when listening and speaking them out loud daily, will rewire your brains into positivity).
You can also listen to them, and repeat them in your mind when walking. Or another time you normally listen to music with headphones.
Mindfulness meditation. Guided positive meditations.
They only take 5-10 minutes and are worth coming out of your bed a few minutes earlier.

2) Imagine many times a day how (in this case) healthy you will feel, how many more things you can do when losing 30 kilos, you brains will be rewired also.
Be sure you are in a quiet room/place when you do these visualizations. Visualize big, and keep it positive.

3) Make a Vision Board
Vision Boards help to visualize your goal(s). When imagining what you want this is good. Make it visible (make a printout!) and put in on a visible place. And you will never forget your goals. And you achieve your goal much easier than without these 3 things.

All change will cost effort. ALL CHANGE. When you are willing to give it your all, you will achieve your Goals & Dreams.
As said above, do not punish yourself when you stepped beside your path. You can not change the past.
Take a deep breath and go back on your path. Forgive yourself. And be confident you will achieve your goal.
Start immediately doing above exercises again, they will not take long, and you'll get back on track again.

How to Stay Positive?
1) Keep a Journal or Diary. Write all the small achievements in it. And positive things happened. Also, positive things you want to happen during the day.
2) Treat yourself after achieving a goal. A new book, perfume. New clothes. Whatever you want.
3) Make a Gratitude Jar. Best to begin in January. Clean a Glass Jar and decorate it the way you want.
Now write a note every day with something positive that happened that day. Write also the date on the note.
Fold the note and place it in the Jar.
New Year's Eve open the Jar to read ALL the positive things that happened to you the past year.

If you are always inclined to stop. And to put your goals aside, then it's time for a Life Coach!
A Life Coach helps you to Achieve your Goals and keeps you responsible for getting them.

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