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Coaching By Karin

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Life Coaching,

What it is...

Life Coaching has helped people in their Personal & Professional life since the 1980's.

What exactly is a Coach?
Coaching is the process to improve (or aims to improve) performance and focus.
Focus not on the past. nor the future. But the HERE and NOW.

A coach helps someone to improve. To achieve Goals & Dreams.
The most important things a Life Coach does are:
- Empowerment:
Help the client to (get back) their self-believe. Trust in themselves. Self-worth, which they lost during their life.

- Guidance:
Helping with tools & techniques. Asking question to let them think about subjects deeper and better. To change their perspective.
Get rid of Abundance blocks.

- Improvement:
Reaching Dreams & Goals.

- Motivation:

We are not magicians, we are no miracle workers. We need the help of the client. Together with you we will concentrate on the NOW. We encourage Personal Development so you have a BRIGHT Future.

The success of a life coach is highly dependent on the individual and their desire to change.

A Life Coach believes that the answers are within the client.

Above all, a Coach tries to bring awareness to the client. As I always say, the answers lies within.
Certainly, the best answer comes from the client him/herself.

There are many different Coaches:
Of course we all know the Football coaches, Sport Coaches.

But in other areas there are coaches also.
Business Coaches, Career Coaches, Executive Coaches, Life Coaches and the list goes on and on.
There is probably not a profession where there is no coach for.

You can read about the differences between Teaching, Coaching, Mentor & Counseling at Skills you Need.

Benefits you will gain from being coached:
- Clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it
- Overcome the obstacles, gaps between where you are at the moment and where you want to be
- Proven strategies and techniques which to help you to reach your goal(s) faster
- Overcome obstacles, abundance blocks, low confidence and insecurities
- Explore and evaluate all possible options available
- Dedicated time, support, encouragement and motivation

More information about Coaching at Self Leadership International.

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Furthermore, when you are interested, I can combine the Life Coaching sessions with, for example, Ho'oponopono. A very old Hawaiian Healing Technique.

Think about it this way:
Skills can be developed through coaching. And skills can also be taught and be learned from an expert.
What will you learn (among other things)from a Coach:
- Clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it
- Strategies and techniques which facilitates you to reach your goal faster
- Overcome obstacles, low confidence and insecurities
- Change your subconscious mind so it will do what you want

Do not hesitate any longer:
Change your Habits, Change your Life!

BE SOMEONE who makes YOU happy.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, You are right". Henry Ford