Coaching By Karin

Coaching By Karin

Dutch Culture...

Princess Maxima said this, among other things, in her first speech on National TV, in 2001.             
The Dutch, that is 1 cookie with the coffee (and the cookie jar will go back in the closet).
Which indeed, in most cases is true. Don't give away too much, you might not have enough yourself later.

Great (and less great) Dutch Cultural Traditions:

Spring, Summer & Autumn (and a die-hard also in the winter) Season: Cycling as much as possible.
Winter season: Ice skating when possible.
Birthday celebrations: by sitting in a circle with tea, coffee and a slice of cake.
Dutch ignore all the rules of queuing.
Birth: We eat rusks with mice. Blue for boys, pink for girls.
Rokjes dag: First day in Spring when women were skirts.

Food, in my opinion, not of high culinary quality:
Stroopwafels (waffles with syrup or honey);
Poffertjes (Dutch Mini Pancakes);
Kroket (Croquette);
Bitterballen, same as croquettes but smaller and round;
Drop (Licorice),in all tastes, sizes. We eat about 2kg per person per year. Much more than any other nation;
More about Dutch Food you can read at: "Famous" Dutch Food (the quotes around Famous are mine).

January 1st: New Years Day. Mainly sleeping. Visiting family & friends nearby.
January 1st on TV: New Year's Ski Jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
New Year's dive in the sea
April 27th: Koningsdag (Kings Day). In the past Koninginnedag (Queens Day).
June: New Herring Season. Dutch love to eat raw herring. With onions.
December 31st: New Year Eve. Eating a lot. Oliebollen (deep fried doughnut balls) are a specialty for this evening.

Next to above traditions there are other traditions in the Netherlands.
(French) fries with mayonnaise. People all over the world think this is a very strange tradition. They are used to eat them with ketchup.
Except the Belgians, they eat them with mayonnaise too.

In the summer, when it is warm, many Dutch stay hours and hours in the traffic to go to the beach. Where they lay side by side, like sardines in a can, only to stay in the traffic for hours again on their way back home. Burned all over the body.

In the winter there is another tradition. After and during ice skating there is "Koek & Zopie".
This us a term used for the food and drink that is sold during skating periods.
Hot Chocolate, Dutch Pea Soup etc.

Click picture below for a larger view:

I am born in the Netherlands, grew up in the Netherlands, lived there till 2008. My family from both mothers and fathers side were born here. Skin color "white".
I came back due to family circumstances for a short time.
And never felt so relieved then when I was able to leave again.
I am a highly sensitive person. And the vibes in the Netherlands aren't good.
Many will not see it this way. Well, I FEEL it this way. More information about the why, read further.
And click on the bottom link.

A Cultural tradition is not always a great tradition. Sometimes it is time to change a tradition.
Because others are hurt by it. Not to get rid of it. Change only.

A tradition like Zwarte Piet (Black Peter). A racist part of a Dutch tradition.
Children do not mind the color of "Piet". The only ones who are making a HUGE point of it, are the Dutch adults who think this is culture and it should be protected.
Whether others feel discriminated by it or not. They simply do not mind. Because they do not feel discriminated, so it is not true (narrow-minded).
Every year Adults who are against getting rid of the Zwarte Piet (not of Peter, only the Black form) write on every time-line of Facebook trying to prove it is not discrimination but culture.
My opinion?
When you have to try to convince others it is no discrimination, over and over again, it probably is because you need to convince yourself.

You want to read more about this "Fine" Dutch tradition?
Click HERE

As Einstein said a long time ago:

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil,
but by those who watch them without doing anything

BE SOMEONE who makes YOU happy.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, You are right". Henry Ford