Coaching By Karin

Coaching By Karin

Being an Introvert is NOT a Mental Disease!

As an Introvert, You are NOT Sick!

Today was the second time within a few weeks that I read completely wrong information about Introverts on the internet.
Both articles (one on a site where psychologists are writing for!) claimed that Introverts can be healed. Cured.
That Introversion is a Mental Disease... (Sorry guys, you are the ones who have for sure a deviation).
The other was posted on a MINDFULNESS page!

This is something that was being told:
There are 4 forms of introversion.
According to this bullshit, these are:
Social Introversion
Thinking Introversion
Anxious Introversion
Restrained Introversion
When you are an Introvert, please forget above. Yes, there are Introverts that have these issues.
So there are Extroverts. Has nothing to do with being Introvert or Extrovert.

For all the Introverts & Extroverts reading this:

The worst thing is, when items like these are posted on a website for Psychologists & Mindfulness, people (are going to) believe this nonsense.
They have no idea that the writers have NO CLUE what he is talking about.
No clue at all. And for sure they are Extroverts. Not able to understand what an Introvert is and need.

I hope you are not a client/patient from one of these psychologists! Image what other nonsense they might tell you...

Yes, in the 1970's it was claimed to be a mental illness. Like homosexuality was considered a mental illness.
Or women who suffered from what we call now PMS. Also a mental illness.
Female hysteria. And you know how the treated this? By giving the women an orgasm.

A female orgasm supposed to solve everything for those women.
From mental illnesses, mild anxiety & hysteria. And more.
It probably it gave the doctors RSI and that is why the vibrator was invented...
But that is another story...

So, what is the difference between Introverts & Extroverts?
The main difference is how they get their energy (back). And how they lose it.
No more, nor less.

Yes, there are more differences:
- An Introvert normally is not as outgoing as an Extrovert
Most of the times not because of Social Anxiety. No, because going out drains an Introvert. Where Extrovert gains energy from being around people, it drains Introverts.
- Introverts like to have deep (best 1 to 1) conversation. Chit not in their nature!
- Huge parties, unexpected invites. They do not like these. Drains there energy.
Although they will go now and then, it takes too much of their energy.
Sometimes it takes days to recover. To get this energy back.
Therefore it is not worth it.
And therefore Introverts learn how to use their energy as efficient as possible.

This means they often (have to) say NO to an invitation to a party etc.
But it doesn't mean they do not want the invitation. They want it. Please give it to them! Do not say "they will not come".
Introverts want to decide themselves if they want to go or not. It hurts when people are saying "She never comes, why bothering to invite her".

We do not want to be alone all the time. What we do is pick our "outside" time with care. With people (or even a group) that are special to us. We might even love.
But not with people we only "like" (or worse, do not like). They are not worth losing our energy.

Read more about Introversion here:
Introversion Not a Disorder
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There are many more good sites. But this is a good start.

Remember each of us is unique. Whether you are an Introvert or Extrovert.
There is no one like you!

BE SOMEONE who makes YOU happy.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, You are right". Henry Ford