Coaching By Karin

Coaching By Karin

I am...

A Work in Progress

Why am I saying this? That I am a Work in Progress?
Because I firmly believe I am. I know I am.
Like everyone else, who takes responsibility for their own actions & decisions, is believing this.

What does it mean "I am a Work in Progress"?
It means that I think that I am a never finished "project". Which means I can always improve myself, my work etc. Whenever I want.
From whichever source I want.
By learning from mistakes, following classes/courses, pieces of training etc.
Don't forget reading and research.
Nowadays with the Internet, there are so many sources where we can do our research.

Keep in mind that you do the research as widely as possible. From many sources. And if all the research has been done, draw your own conclusion.
But not to soon. Do research also on the things you've read/learned. Because they might not be the truth.
Following the research and your own capability to think to draw your own conclusion. Following the (proven) truth.

When following the (proven) truth, you might find out that your conclusion is completely different than other conclusions.
When you know that what you have done is correct, do not doubt.

A lie is a lie, even when everyone believes it.
The truth is the truth, even when you are the only person believing it.


Does this mean I am perfect. Or almost perfect? That I think that?
No, I do not think that.
Far from that.

I am still getting very angry when people do not take their responsibility. Or when they are discriminating.
Both a big issue for me.
How many courses I have followed to keep my emotions under control, until now (in these cases) I still need to learn to keep myself calm.
I hope I will learn this very soon. Better for my own health.
Another topic that will make me very angry, is when they (companies/managers) treat number (KPI's) as much more important than human beings.
Sadly to say that most companies think this way.


So what is normally happening?
Starting directly after we are born, we are developing (work in progress). Learning.
First you learn to recognize the tone of your mothers and fathers voice.
How they look. Your family members, friends from your parents etc..
Recognizing you pets.
You start eating solid food. Like it, or dislike the taste of certain foods.
And of course the physical developments. Walking & talking etc.

At a certain age, depending on the country, you are going to school. Kindergarten and higher. Where you learn to write and read. Mathematics. History & Geography.
This is also the place where you learn that in the future you have to work hard, to make money for yourself and your family.
To follow the rules and be a "good guy" (or girl of course).

You start working sooner or later, depending on your possibilities.

You start to work and you are really happy with your first paycheck.
Sometimes courses are being done. Because you want to improve yourself.

When you are lucky, after a few years (or sooner) you get a promotion.
Or you decide to follow classes to develop yourself. Personally and Professionally.

Many people stop here. Doing their thing. Working, paying the bills.
Working again. Paying more bills.
And this is it?
Living to work? Instead of working to live?

The more knowledge you gain, the more questions you will have.
Questions about life. About what you are being told & thought.
News on the radio, television or the Internet.

You start to think for yourself. Do your own research when you hear or read something. Not believing the things you were told. And questioning the things you were learned.
This is mostly the time that you are not, like a sheep, re sharing information on e.g. Facebook anymore.
You try to find out it the information might be a HOAX, a lie etc.
And you should be proud of yourself for that.

Nothing wrong with independent research. You will find out that there is more than what you have been told.

A lie is a lie, even when everyone believes it.
The truth is the truth, even when you are the only person believing it.

BE SOMEONE who makes YOU happy.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, You are right". Henry Ford