Coaching By Karin

Coaching By Karin

2008 - 2018

Living in Europe

When I started to do a course, to become a "Reisleider" (Foreign Holiday Representative) at the end of 2007 I could not imagine that within 3 months I had another job, in the South of Europe. But I did!

I quit my job, canceled the rent of my house. Rented a storage. Ready, steady, GO!
The hardest thing for me was that I wasn't able to take my cats with me.
This still hurts the most after more than 10 years.

Everyone, declared me crazy. Plain nuts.
Leaving a very well paid job for a job which paid about 20% net from what I was used to.
Yep, these days you are not becoming a Holiday Representative to become rich.
Those days are gone. The Tour Operators are getting rich from all the work Reps are doing.
Not the Reps who do most of the work.
Although I remember my father telling me "Do what you have to do".
Of course at a time there were no people around.
While I new he found it very hard that I was leaving the country.

I first went to Malta. And I loved it there.
As I grew up on an island myself I understand the culture, how people feel and live.
Why they are not letting in (most of the time) newcomers.
Also, I am a huge history lover. And on this tiny island there is history on every corner. And more.

As a Holiday Representative, in plain Dutch "Reisleider" you have to go where needed. Where the company you are working for is sending you.

After Malta I went to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. It for sure was not love at the first site.
The climate was fine. The people nice although I didn't speak any Spanish at that time.
Fuerteventura is a very dry island. There is culture and history. But no at the part where the hotels are.
Yet I learned to love the island deeply. And I loved working at the Airport. Receiving guests.
Practice my Spanish with the colleaga's of the planning and the bus drivers. All native Spanish.

It was the year from the huge economical crisis. World wide.
There were hardly tourists on the island. And the ones who were stayed in the (All Inclusive) hotels.
Not going out all all. It was one of the most terrible years for tourism. At least at the Canary Islands.

I decided to go back to the Netherlands as my father's health got worse. Within a few days I found a job on the island I grew up.
And temporary lived at my parents. "You live by our rules, no going out in the evening or weekends. And on time (meaning before midnight) at home.
My age then was almost 44 years.

I couldn't get used to living in the Netherlands anymore. Dutch are not tolerant. They are really good in hiding their racist feelings.
And I am allergic to intolerance, discrimination etc. Highly allergic.

Although my fathers health even became worse in July 2010 he survived another time. Again leaving doctors flabbergasted (as in 1992) that he survived.
Many things happened that year. My mother accused me from things I didn't do (nothing changed since my youth). Only to found out later she and my father were the source.
They told something to an aunt. The aunt told it to a friend of her, the neighbor of my parent. And also someone who loved to talk.
But I was accused to tell it around. Of course I denied, it wasn't me. And of course I wasn't believed.
Even when I found out the real source, she was in denial and saying "but this ***, this is was you".

Time to go on again. I first thought about leaving the island and stay in the Netherlands.
Yet, blood is thicker than water.
Thus I started to apply for jobs as a Hostess again.
I was lucky and April 2011, exact 2 years after leaving Fuerteventura, I came back.
Yes! At Fuerteventura.

After a few months of being back, I decided I wanted to stay at Fuerteventura. And the job hopping started.
Permanent, fitting, jobs are hard to find.
Contracts are done for 3 or 6 months. When lucky for 9 or 12 months.
One of the colleagues changed jobs, the domino effect started.

I had someone betraying and robbing me.
Another from which I still do not know what happened.
Fell in love again although I didn't want to. But nothing happened.

Probably wasn't the right time. As many of his friends asked me later if we had been in a love relationship.
They all thought we were... We weren't. I wish we were...

With pain, so much pain, in my heart I left Fuerteventura in March 2016 to work in Athens, Greece.
I always regretted this step. But it was necessary. For work, I need to live.

After Athens (I hated Athens, still love Greece) I went to Malta for some time.
From Malta to Sofia, Bulgaria. A wonderful city. With warm people.
I probably would have stayed there when the company I worked for would have been a company without nano-micro-management.

Although I always have been Spiritual, I became even more Spiritual over the years. During my time in Sofia I started to do Yoga.
Became more connected with myself. Followed online "Alternative" courses & seminars.
And found a mentor in my Yoga Teacher.

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My biggest mistake, or second biggest, probably my third biggest..., was moving to the Czech Republic.
I never thought about it. Never was attracted to it. And I should have listened to my guts.
The people, in my opinion (and many other Expats here) are ice cold. Not willing to help when you do not speak the Czech language.
Their excuse, well the excuse from the small group who speak English, that they are ashamed not speaking English that good.
And for that they are turning around and walking away when you ask "Do you speak English?"
So not only rude. Also stupid?

The Bulgarian don't speak, according to themselves, not so good English either, but were always willing to help.
Always. No problem. They weren't ashamed. Although they excused themselves to you for not being able to speak very good English.
They didn't turn around, no they were helpful.
Conclusion? Czechs are rude. Even ruder then I am when telling someone the plain truth.

As there are still hardly, good & permanent, jobs at the Canary Islands, and tourism dropped with 17% at Fuerteventura this year (2018), I decided that I would go for a job in Portugal.
The culture and the warmth of the people should be alike or almost alike the Canary Islands.
Which I miss(ed) so much!
Have been trying this before. Even received job offers. But the salary was so low, even for Portugal, that I had to decline.

What I did different now, during this process of applying for jobs there? I made a Vision Boards about my life in Portugal.
How it would be. And how I want it to work out.
What was on the Vision Boards?:
Getting a job which would pay enough to live. And not only for paying my bills.
Finding a nice studio/apartment to live in. Having paid clients for my Coaching Practice, whom I can help with their issues.
Finally enough clients to live a free live from where ever I want and when ever I want.

The first thing has been achieved...
December the 30st of 2018 I will move to Porto, Portugal!

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